Big Press Release for RYI Unity

RYI UNTIY is community owned and driven Defi-Finance Ecosystem which provides Frictionless Yield in a Defi-Permissionless system with staking/Farming, Governance, DEX, NFTs, launchpad/ Incubator and venture capital investing. A one stop shop for anything and everything Def-Finance. With the end goal of being Full Spectrum Defi. Over the past 90 days RYI Unity has been quietly building a Defi juggernaut. Our roadmap is public, however, with the dedication from the team and the community we are way ahead of schedule and will begin releasing developments ahead of their scheduled delivery. We successfully launched RYI Unity token on Binance Smart Chain Network where we were listed on Coinmarketcap within 48 hours. Since our deployment on the BSC network, we created staking vaults where our community is able to earn passive income just by holding $BRYIP or $RYIU. Additionally we have begun the process of tokenizing our NFTs which were created from our talented artist.

In trying to serve our growing community; we are launching a Governance platform to protect the interests of all token holders. At this point, to be eligible to vote on RYI Unity governance matter, a minimum of 25 $RYIP or $BRYIP must be locked in our governance vaults. We are extremely excited and eager to announce our milestone success in establishing the first ever, ‘cross-chain/multi-chain governance protocol. Our Gov platform will initially operate on Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain and will be expanding to Huobi ECO and Nuls Nerve Network as well in the short term. The Launchpad Whitepaper will be released this week. The Launchpad will fall under our newly developed finance management system UnityVentures at A sneak peak of the Launchpad has already been released to the community. Currently we are working around the clock to have this deployed as soon as possible. We will keep the community posted with updates. Things to look forward to: release of white paper, road map, UnityVentures website deployment with all the information pertaining to the launchpad/incubator, and finally a list of our first round of projects to be on the platform as well as our new investment Funds for UnityVentires. One of the key factors for the launchpad is the fact that this is orientated towards community projects. We understand the financial hardships projects face meeting their short term roadmap which there will be little to know charges for their incubation period. Ideally with the rapid growth of the Launchpad under UnityVentures. The platform will establish itself as a powerhouse within our ecosystem; acting as its own branch called UnityVentures within RYI Unity. Additionally, within the UnityVentures umbrella we will be releasing our UnityLotto which will be an exciting addition where investors can deposit a small amount of $RYIU/$RYIP/$BRYIU to win big prizes such has jackpots of large token quantities, one of a kind tokenized NFTs and much more!! Without giving too much away, we will sum up; the Unitylending platform will be the first ever to integrate frictionless yield. We will introduce the Cyrpto space to lending borrowing where $RYIU our frictionless yield aggregator will be wrapped with your favorite market pairs. We are taking this to the next level and are working with Solulabs, a blockchain developing company to achieve this huge milestone. What? How? When?...stick around for more updates.

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