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Volume 1 / Issue 1


We are ready to transform your crypto into MORE crypto! We capitalize on many popular Defi profiteering methods and give YOU a front row seat to the benefits. Some companies struggle to manage one or two of these activities. At RYI Unity, we excel at delivering results across many revenue generating activities. Our focus is to earn you rewards and generate profits to share with our token holders while simplifying the complex world of Defi. We detangle the confusion of Defi, making it easier to understand, so you can make better decisions about where to put your crypto to work.

They don’t call us the swiss army knife of finance for nothing!. If we are not already generating rewards in any specific area of Defi? We are already gearing up to do exactly that! Currently we are working hard to generate crypto rewards, capital and trust, for our clients using the following methods.

What We Do?

Frictionless Yield in Defi-Permissionless Systems

Staking and Yield Farming

Community Governance

DEX Enabled Swap Exchange Platform

NFTs, (non-fungible tokens)

Launchpad operations to launch hot new Crypto projects

Business Incubation

Venture Capital Sourcing and/or Investing

All of that is overload for one article, so we will focus on demystifying Frictionless Yield in Defi-Permissionless Systems, Staking, Yield Farming and yield aggregators. A RECENT SUCCESS We are extremely excited and eager to announce our milestone success in establishing the first ever, ‘cross-chain/multi-chain governance protocol! Our Gov platform will initially operate on Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain and will be expanding to Huobi ECO and Nuls Nerve Network as well in the short term.

“A one stop shop for anything & everything Decentralized-Finance is the goal.”


Yield farming pays you crypto rewards via smart contracts, when you lend your crypto to a farm.

$RYIU yield farms will use your crypto to earn rewards across ALL crypto markets and piece you off a healthy slice of those rewards to keep you happy! Profit is the name of the game. Now YOU can belly up to the rewards bar for passive income profits on autopilot! $RYIU, $RYIP, $PTR, $MTN, $CAKE and $ETH will all be available in our new farm pools with rewards available to be paid in $RYIP. There are just a few more things, like frictionless yield, staking and liquidity pools to understand before you go ape’ing in.

What Is Frictionless Yield?

Frictionless yield refers to yields made available to you, with no fees attached, no ongoing effort required OR with an offset reward that eventually pays for your fees. Thereby making your process easy or “frictionless”. The profit causes you no pain to achieve! You simply hold and benefit from the yield. (profit) For instance, smart contracts for our token $RYIU are programmed to deduct 1.75% from each transaction across the entire market. Dividing the 1.75% by the number of holders, automatically delivering a holder’s share into the private wallet(s) where they store their RYIU. This happens in real-time as each transaction happens. If only 10 people hold RYIU and you are one of them, you receive 1/10th of the 1.75% of every single transaction! You might be thinking “whoah” that is going to add up fast and in many cases it can. This is an enormous benefit to holders, because you do not need to stake or give your tokens to someone else! Just kick back and let the free crypto stack up.


Think of a Yield Aggregator as your own personal automated research robot. Only this bot's purpose is to find you the best performing yield farming investment deals on the web. Yield farms come and go, their deals change often, without notice sometimes, so these aggregator bots are a valuable,time saving tool. It would take a human a lifetime to barely discover a fraction of the farms, protocols and strategies available. $RYIU yield aggregators will relieve you of that chore. Soon you can focus on your life and not scouring the internet for the best return on your yield farming investment. We are currently setting up a whole new set of yield farms, staking and liquidity pool modules on our own domains. Keep an eye out for the announcements when they go live in the next two weeks!

“Your own personal automated research robot”

Staking refers to putting up a crypto “stake”, an amount of crypto you wish to pledge to a specially designed wallet. Think of it like backing a friend you know is good at making money in exchange for a piece of the action! Technically speaking, “staking” is similar to mining, what you are doing is validating transactions on the blockchain, only there is almost zero work required of you! To profit from RYIU proof-of-stake operations, just deposit a minimum-required balance of any cryptocurrency we have configured to validate transactions. Sit back and earn your rewards!


A “pool” of crypto from many users is locked in a smart contract for the purposes of providing liquidity for decentralized trading. Liquidity pools can also be used for borrowing, lending, securing funds and much more. Liquidity pools are required to operate a decentralized exchange (DEX), such as our upcoming DEX swap platform. Liquidity pools allow you to trade whatever cryptocurrencies are deposited into the pool. This way the trader does not need to wait for a matching trade or a trader looking to trade either of those cryptocurrencies to randomly appear. Instead the funds are already in the pool so the trade can proceed immediately. Those who provide the liquidity get rewarded by earning fees and/or rewards, depending on the pool operators protocol. You get instant trades and we all know how important that can be during a volatile crypto moonshot!


Over the past 90 days RYI Unity has been quietly building a Defi juggernaut. Our roadmap is public, however, our dedicated team and the community are way ahead of schedule.

Very soon we will begin releasing developments ahead of their scheduled delivery. The Unity Ventures Launchpad Whitepaper will be released this week! Stay tuned to our and $RYIU Website and our medium articles for details on the launchpad. To stay up to date on all our projects and the steady stream of news regarding the roadmap deliverables! BOOKMARK THIS SITE HTTPS://UNITYNEWS.NET/. BE SURE TO ALSO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR OUR BLACK PANTHER TOKEN ($PTR) HTTPS://PANTHER-TOKEN.COM/NEWS

For the W5, (who, what, where,when & why) about the developments regarding our : Staking/Farming Governance Swap Exchange NFTs StartUp Launchpad Business Incubator Venture Capital Investing and our new… Lotto? ...monitor all of our sites, join our telegrams and stick around for more updates! Unlike most companies who strictly control the clients future with strict corporate laws and policies and don’t consider the clients needs? We are working WITH the people, FOR the people in our community, AFTERALL they OWN this project! In our next article, we reveal our new community governance software. Be sure to read that and discover how we give the power back to the people, so YOU can vote govern this community!



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RYI-UNITY (@ryi_unity_) • Instagram photos and videos (Our New Channel)

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